Searching For a Specific TIAWatchdog(SM) Reports:

Click on Search for TIAWatchdog(SM) Reports. You may then search by Company Name; Docket Number; Principals Name; Phone Number or Fax Number. Click on your selection and input the appropriate information and click Search.

Assigning Additional User Access:

Go to User Account Administration; Click on Create New User Account: Complete requested information, choose a userid and password and then click submit. Your additional user has just been added.

View All TIAWatchdog(SM) Reports:

You may view All Watchdog(SM) Reports by clicking on All Watchdog Reports All Watchdog(SM) Reports will pop up in Alphabetical order. You may resort the reports by Date Submitted by clicking on Submitted in the top right hand column and the reports will then be sorted by Date submitted.

Search For a Specific Watchdog(SM) Report:

You may search by the following Criteria — Company Name; Docket Number; Principals Name; Phone Number; Fax Number Please note there is a Carrier Search and 3PL Search. Simply click on your preferred choice and enter your information.

File a TIAWatchdog(SM) Report:

Click on Submit Your TIA Watchdog Report you must have the companies operating authority in order to submit a report. Enter the companies MC, Docket # or Freight forwarding number and click submit. The system will automatically retrieve the Companies information and at this point complete the requested information.

File a report on a Shipper:

Currently TIAWatchdog(SM) is not programmed to file reports on shippers. You may only file reports on Carriers and 3PL's.

TIAWatchdog(SM) Access:

Only TIA members may have access to the TIAWatchdog website.

TIAWatchdog(SM) Report Procedure:

Once the TIAWatchdog(SM) is submitted the report will automatically be faxed to the opposing company notifying them of the report. The Reported Company has 72 hours to respond to your report before the report is available for all TIA members to view. The reported company will be given a response code that will allow them to go file their comments.

The Report Time line:

The TIAWatchdog(SM) report will remain on the website until you and the other parties have resolved your issue. The TIA member is the only party that has the authority to remove the report. The only exception to this is if it is determined that the report is erroneous.